My favourite summer backdrop for an outdoor family photo session?Without a doubt the most beautiful family photos in summer time are captured in a purple lavender field!


The lavender only blooms during July and early August, so there is a very short window of opportunity. Early July is a bit too early for these beautiful purple blossoms but by the end of July and the beginning of August lavender seems to be at its best, therefore I always schedule my lavender field mini photo sessions within this time frame.

The vast majority of commercial lavender growers now welcome visitors to their farms. They charge an entrance fee to allow you to wander through the fields enjoying the powerful scent and taking in the powerful colour palette. This makes for a great day out, particularly as we’re all still mindful of enclosed indoor gatherings.


I have been photographing families and children creating lifestyle portraits in lavender fields for a few years now and I must admit that once I finish lavender season photo shoots I already look forward to the next year. I always choose Mayfield Lavender Farm in Surrey as it is very close to south west London where I’m located and most of my clients reside.

Mayfield Lavender in Banstead, Surrey is open every day from 1st June to 1st September. It costs just £4 per adult to visit (an entry is free to children under 16). Parking on-site is free but limited. There is a cafe and a cool campervan where you can buy refreshments and snacks. You can also buy fresh lavender, lavender oils, soaps, cookies, etc.

As soon as you enter the fields you can smell the calming perfume of lavender and be carried away by the picturesque views of lavender fields. You can hear the quiet buzz of the bees, although they tend to be focused on flowers and usually don’t bother the visitors. You can wander freely through the rows of lavender.

It is best to visit  the lavender fields early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The light is better for photography and there will usually be fewer crowds. At peak times, expect to be sharing the space with at least a couple of hundred others, although you can always find quiet spots for photos. 


One of the first questions I get from my clients is what to wear for the photo session? The colour and style of your chosen outfit will be one of the key things preparing for the photo shoot. I recommend three to four colours between family members. It is important to choose colours that complement each other. Suggested colours for your outdoor family photography session in lavender fields are white, beige, cream, light grey and blue. Pink, purple and yellow would work great too. It’s best avoiding black or other dark colours. My recommendation would be to stick to softer colours so it doesn’t create a colour clash!

Creating the best family photos is really a collaboration, in terms of being prepared to work with the best time of day, travel to the best location and choosing the right clothing for the shoot.

I have included here a few of my best family portraits from my sessions at the lavender fields.

If you are interested in a lavender session this year, I have a few spots available in Mayfield Lavender Farm in July and August.