Richmond Portrait Photographer

Louise was one my first photo sessions during June following the essential but rather daunting lockdown period. What a relief it was to be back in action behind the camera!

I’ve photographed Louise and Marc’s children previously; beautiful mixed heritage family… delightful Sebastian (Louise’s mother hails from San Sebastián) and lovely Scarlett (Louise’s grandmother loved the flower Scarlet pimpernel). This time the focus was to capture artistic lifestyle portraiture of Louise in one of her favourite spots in Richmond Upon Thames

Richmond Riverside Evening Photo Shoot 

The location and timing were deliberately chosen to gain some tranquillity in an otherwise very popular area. We were also lucky the sunset sky created an abundance of colours and tone to the natural lighting effect. We made an evening of it and strolled along the riverside from Water Lane up towards Richmond Lock. I regularly consult and plan a precise journey / landmarks for a photo shoot. However, this time we decided to spontaneously search for opportunities along the route to capture perfect portraits of Louise. The location of many of these images meant this was a Richmond photo session steeped in history! The steps were around the corner from Old Palace Lane – the location of the sixteenth century Richmond Palace; only a few remnants exist from that bygone era. 

I actively encourage my clients to bring along their special possessions so we can freeze frame their treasured memories for years to come. There is something truly unique about capturing possessions that have been passed on through the family… In this instance Louise brought along a book that was passed on by her grandfather (who she never got to meet) to her mother. ‘Stories in Stone’ written by Willis T. Lee over a century ago, created a deeply humbling and inspiring experience for me. I’m always moved when items of such sentimental value are captured in such circumstances. The book has a narrative based on natural history and with Louise being a geo sciences graduate, this novel immensely resonated with her.